A Look At The Numbers:

This week as I have been able to kick off my blog from the start of September, last week I had the chance to sit down and talk with David Graves, a student here at Lipscomb University, and D1 baseball talent. As we take a lull in the baseball numbers with a quick update for the MLB really quick. AL Cy Young and MVP go to Verlander winning another for his career making it two, and Trout picking up his third MVP of the decade. The in the NL, the Cy Young goes to Jacob DeGromm winning his second, and MVP to Cody Bellinger with the Dodgers winning his first.

Now to take a different jump and hoping for some feedback potentially by some as to what you have enjoyed the most so far. 

In last week’s edition of Around the Horn, we got to interview David Graves. It was an awesome time to do that, and I will say that in the Spring semester I am heading to Vienna, Austria to study abroad, and I am hoping to catch up with some Lipscomb Athletes who are playing professionally. In this hope, I may be going away from strictly baseball and hoping to gain more of a diverse following in being able to interview across all sports.

Being able to interview David was fantastic and brought the most traffic to my site yet! 

I hope that those of you who keep up with Around the Horn will reach out and let me know what you think the move is next as I may be shifting towards more interviews across all sports. Even if you have some suggestions of people we wanna get some time to chat with, you guys let me know!

Short as this one is this week, I am looking for feedback this week! Being able to write the story of a guy like David was something I had so much fun with doing, and it seems like the audience that David brought with him loved it too.

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