The Road is Open.

What’s Next For

In this final excerpt that I will write, I am deciding neither to close out my blog or to promise to continue; but instead, to leave the road semi-open going forward.

Over this past semester in our 21st Century Writing course, we had the opportunity (and assignment) to make a blog about a certain topic, and I got to do mine on the MLB.

What May Be Next?

In the coming semester for me in the Spring of 2020, I will be studying abroad in Vienna Austria for a semester. While in Europe, I am hoping to plot out a potential future use for this blog which will be centered around person to person interviews.

In a blog done not too long ago, I got the chance to sit with a good friend, and Division One baseball player, David Graves, from Lipscomb University. Having the opportunity to talk with him one-on-one, and get to write a piece of his story to this point in his life was one of the coolest things I have gotten to do on this platform so far.

Having the opportunity to tell more of these stories for people is what I hope to get the chance to do more of. Some of the parts about it that were so affirming for me in that was hearing that the article made his family more. David is a man of high esteem, and hopefully just the first of many beautiful stories I get to write.

Understanding that there is always a bigger story at the grasp has been the coolest thing to uncover, and understand the more behind the number on their backs. Getting to uncover that side of the story amongst people has been the best part of this blog because, in amongst doing different things, I have found my passion more so than before.

That’s All Folks….For Now.

So as I close this last excerpt, I want to thank those of you who did check-in and read. Thank those who were a part of this new and adventurous blog journey that showed me more about myself and my style. Getting to bring the life and love of the story that Jesus hand made for all of us, and bringing that to life in the passions that He has given us.

I look forward to seeing what road I get to see next, but for now and the time being, I am headed to Vienna next semester to find more and more out about me.


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