A Little Bit About Me & Baseball

Back to the good old days and the backyard. Crowd is roaring, pitcher sweating, dugouts silent. The bat is in your hands for Game 7 of the World Series and the bases are loaded after consecutive hits in the bottom of the 9th, and YOU, the MVP, 3 Hitter and Super-Star step up to the plate looking to win the World Series. You can just hear the play-by-play analyst, “With the World Series on the line, the reigning MVP steps in on a 3-2 pitch to try and send his home crowd home happy.” We all know what happens next though of course… “A SWING AND DRIVE TO DEEP CENTER FIELD, DID HE GET ENOUGH?!? YOU BET HE DID!! WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!”

If you ever did anything similar to this, whether it was: throwing the game winning touchdown, knocking down a half-court shot at the buzzer, you and I have a similar imagination when it comes to sports.

In my blog I will look to take a different look on what is happening around the MLB from that same point of view that the game is still as wonderful to me now as when I was a child. In seeing baseball in these historical moments that leave us in awe, to the injuries that break our hearts, to the underdogs who shine unlike the Goliaths they defeated.

Baseball is a sports that requires 9 guys on the field to do their own job to the best of their ability, yet these same 9 guys are forced to just do their job which makes baseball a selfish sport?

Baseball is a sport unlike any other, and I hope to bring that same fire and passion that the game brings to so many others in this blog, that the game has brought to me.


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