Rendon and the “CHA CHING $$$” has been quickly fueling the offseason fire for free agents like Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, and Marcell Ozuna alike. The name that has been standing out to me has been the man coming off a World Series Championship alongside MVP of the World Series, and teammate, Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon.

So What is the Story?

Well, for the All-Star Third Baseman for the Nationals, Rendon is coming off competitive numbers to his counter-par from Colorado in Nolan Arenado. Why bring up Arenado you may ask? Well, the reason why is because Arenado is arguably the best third baseman in all of the game, and after last season he re-signed with the Rockies for $260 million over eight years. For Rendon he is looking at ultimately a contract that makes him a hot commodity.

What Do the Comparisons Say?

Between these two, according to, Arenado’s 162-game averages between 2017-19 slash with 41 Home Runs, 124 RBIs, 131 On Base Plus Slugging, and a 6.3 batting WAR (Wins Above Replacement).

Rendon has also put up some absurd numbers that have ticketed him right up with Arenado therefor enriching his contract. His line looks like this, 32 Home Runs, 121 RBIs, 143 On Base Plus Slugging, and a 6.2 batting WAR.

One of the most important statistics in baseball is the WAR stat, which references a “non-standardized sabermetric {baseball} statistic developed to sum up ‘a player’s total contributions to his team’.” (WAR)

WAR is basically used in a less stressful way to combine all stats into one, giving it a number which kind of proves who is the best of the best according to the numbers.

The importance of these guys numbers is that Rendon is again, arguably, the second best third baseman in the game. WITH THAT BEING SAID, since Arenado is in no way going to be able to sign another contract, he is the BEST THIRD BASEMAN NOT UNDER CONTRACT. 

So now the title makes a bit more sense for those of you wondering. It will be ultimately interesting to see where this stud, All-Star, World Champion, MVP caliber player will sign coming into next season.

Go Get Paid Anthony.

The most interesting part of now then what is to come is wondering if the Nationals, who just won their first ever World Series, will even be competitive next year.

With big markets like Los Angeles targeting Rendon, along with the Phillies in Philadelphia who just signed big man Bryce Harper last season, are looking for ways to get guys like Rendon to come into the hot corner. Holding Rendon is high-esteem, it would be interesting to see if Rendon and Harper teamed up again, though I find it unlikely.

My dark horse for Rendon to come play for goes to the St. Louis Cardinals if they can pull some strings in clearing space in making some trades to free up space in the outfield for youth, and then bring Rendon in to finish up the infield.

(I will say, I would love to see this because I love the Cardinals, but I digress…)

So What Do You Think???

Leave some thoughts and questions in the comments sections, or reach out and I would love to elaborate more on future blogs with your thoughts and comments. I would even love to bring in some fans of AroundtheHorn who love the game like I do.


Where do you think Rendon and other free agent targets will sign this offseason then??


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